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Stories of Duct Tape and Dragons

AVP of HR Chris Halladay shares his thoughts on rising to the challenge of COVID-19, remote working and more.

Be Well: Stay Well and Stay Safe

A new challenge aimed at keeping you well as you work remotely is available now!


New Heart, New Life

Elias Makhoul shares his experience as a heart transplant recipient during American Heart Month.

Who Should I Contact in HR?

See who to reach out to for your HR needs.

Be Well: Don't Skip the Basics

If you've been earning points but haven't reached Level One, you might have missed a crucial step.


Be Well: Beat the Winter Doldrums

It's dark. It's cold. Let's get through this thing together,

Be Well Launches New Year

A clean slate and new challenges await. Get started!


Wellness in the Works: Flu Shot Clinics and More


The 2018-2019 Be Well year ends September 25. You will have until September 28 to log any activity toward your challenges.

Be Well: Health Scan Returns in September

Register today to secure your appointment!

Wellness in the Works: Keep Tracking to Stay on Track

Keep up your Be Well momentum even when you are on vacation.