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Be Well: Don't Skip the Basics

If you've been earning points but haven't reached Level One, you might have missed a crucial step.


Be Well: Beat the Winter Doldrums

It's dark. It's cold. Let's get through this thing together,

Be Well Launches New Year

A clean slate and new challenges await. Get started!


Wellness in the Works: Flu Shot Clinics and More


The 2018-2019 Be Well year ends September 25. You will have until September 28 to log any activity toward your challenges.

Be Well: Health Scan Returns in September

Register today to secure your appointment!

Wellness in the Works: Keep Tracking to Stay on Track

Keep up your Be Well momentum even when you are on vacation.


Wellness in the Works: Rev Up Your Spring

We're zooming toward semester's end. Keep going with your wellness commitments with our new challenges.


2019 RecycleMania Aims for Zero Contamination

This year's friendly competition is focusing on an important issue that can greatly impact our recycling success.


Early Mornings and Spreadsheets Propel Be Well Champs

Get inspired, and get the inside scoop on reaching the highest level of Lehigh's employee wellness program.


HR By The Numbers Meets Wellness In the Works

It's the collaboration you've been waiting for, featuring one BIG number.