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Wellness in the Works: Be Well Year Ends Soon

Earn your points and level up before this year's program ends. Plus, get your flu shots early this year using your Lehigh benefits.

Don't Get Zoomed Out

Respect your colleagues' boundaries and guard yours as well. We have great tips to keep your productivity and positivity up.

Stories of Duct Tape and Dragons

AVP of HR Chris Halladay shares his thoughts on rising to the challenge of COVID-19, remote working and more.

Be Well: Stay Well and Stay Safe

A new challenge aimed at keeping you well as you work remotely is available now!


New Heart, New Life

Elias Makhoul shares his experience as a heart transplant recipient during American Heart Month.

Who Should I Contact in HR?

See who to reach out to for your HR needs.

Be Well: Don't Skip the Basics

If you've been earning points but haven't reached Level One, you might have missed a crucial step.


Be Well: Beat the Winter Doldrums

It's dark. It's cold. Let's get through this thing together,

Be Well Launches New Year

A clean slate and new challenges await. Get started!


Wellness in the Works: Flu Shot Clinics and More


The 2018-2019 Be Well year ends September 25. You will have until September 28 to log any activity toward your challenges.