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Register Today for Spring TIAA Webinars

No matter where you are in your retirement planning journey, there is a TIAA webinar for you this spring. 

TIAA Spring Financial Workshops: Take Control and Live With Confidence

a row of coins, each successively taller from left to right, sits on a table. At the far right of the row stands a jar filled with coins representing the value of saving. Each stack of coins and the jar also have small plants growing from them, reinforcing the concept of the power of saving over time.

Join TIAA for new live online workshops exclusively for Lehigh employees.

Take Your Retirement Savings Off of Autopilot - Attend a Live TIAA Webinar

Two October webinars offer you a chance to focus on your future finances.


Summer Webinars Tackle Health, Long Term Care, Finances and More

Lehigh’s benefits providers offer a range of educational programming for staff and faculty. We’re highlighting three for you to put on your summer calendar.

TIAA May Webinars Tackle Income Options in Retirement, Responsible Investing, 529 Accounts and More

Do a little spring cleaning of your finances with these helpful events.

2019 Summary Annual Report: Lehigh University Retirement Plan

Lehigh provides this report each year as required by federal law.

2020 Dates Set For One-on-One Retirement Counseling Sessions With TIAA

Start your new year by taking a look at your retirement planning.

Register for Fall TIAA Workshops

Get your retirement planning on track with these on-campus TIAA workshops.

Summary Annual Report for Lehigh Retirement Plan - 2018

Each year we provide this federally-mandated report to all employees.

TIAA Takes You to the Starting Line - and Beyond

Live webinars and one-on-one counseling can help you make the most of your retirement benefits.