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Health Care Plan Change Recommendations Released to Campus for Feedback

Lehigh’s medical plan design has been undergoing a thorough review. Learn about recommendations for future changes.

Open Enrollment Basics: 2024 Changes and Important Reminders

Get the topline information you need.


Open Enrollment Basics: Enrolling Is Easy

Lehigh Benefits

Follow these easy steps to enter Lehigh Benefits and add to or modify your flexible benefits for 2024.


Meet with Capital Blue Cross with Online Vendor Visits

Have your individual questions about Lehigh's health insurance plans answered. Registration required.


Open Enrollment for 2024 Flexible Benefits | November 1 through 15

Open Enrollment begins November 1 and runs through November 15

Prepare for a successful Open Enrollment with these key tools.


November Flu Shot Clinics On Campus | No Registration Necessary

An illustration of a woman in a Lehigh shirt who has just received her flu shot

Lehigh's employee wellness team is bringing flu prevention to your doorstep.

2022 Summary Annual Report - Retirement Plan

the painted glass dome of Linderman Library

Lehigh provides this federally-mandated report annually.


2022 Summary Annual Report - Welfare Plans

A view of Linderman Library

Lehigh provides this report each year as required by federal law.


It's That Time of Year: Use - Don't Lose - That Vacation!

Wooden tiles each with a single letter spelling out the word vacation with more wooden tiles scattered around.

Squeeze every ounce out of your vacation days. Use anything above one year's accrual by June 30. 


TIAA Spring Financial Workshops: Take Control and Live With Confidence

a row of coins, each successively taller from left to right, sits on a table. At the far right of the row stands a jar filled with coins representing the value of saving. Each stack of coins and the jar also have small plants growing from them, reinforcing the concept of the power of saving over time.

Join TIAA for new live online workshops exclusively for Lehigh employees.