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Health Care Plan Change Recommendations Released to Campus for Feedback

Lehigh’s medical plan design has been undergoing a thorough review. Learn about recommendations for future changes.

The Benefits Team: Small But Mighty

Get to know the team that supports your benefits needs from your first day through retirement.

Lehigh Staff Earn Master's Degrees, Find the Joy in the Grind

Read about the "beauty in overcoming the challenge" that two Lehigh staff members experienced.

Wellness in the Works: Be Well Year Ends Soon

Earn your points and level up before this year's program ends. Plus, get your flu shots early this year using your Lehigh benefits.

2019 Summary Annual Report for Lehigh University Welfare Benefit Plans

Lehigh provides this annual report regarding its healthcare, disability, life insurance and other plans in accordance with federal law.

2019 Summary Annual Report: Lehigh University Retirement Plan

Lehigh provides this report each year as required by federal law.

Use Your Vacation - Don't Lose It!

Use or lose is still the rule of the road. Don't miss out.


Benefits Brief: Toothbrush Tips for COVID-19 Safety

United Concordia offers six simple steps to good toothbrush hygiene.


Benefits Brief: Telemedicine Basics

This brief on healthcare from a distance is particularly timely.

New Heart, New Life

Elias Makhoul shares his experience as a heart transplant recipient during American Heart Month.