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February 19, 2024

Community Schools Coordinator Paige Hoffman carries cartons of food into the Fountain Hill Elementary School food pantry.Whether it's connecting kids to resources like dental and vision care or addressing food insecurity in our community, Lehigh's Community Schools Partnership is making a significant impact on hundreds of families in Lehigh's surrounding neighborhoods of South Bethlehem and Fountain Hill.  


October 18, 2023

We're marking National Disability Employment Awareness Month with a special podcast featuring Lehigh's Learning Design and Development Specialist Lauren Hamory. Lauren shares openly about working with a disability. She also offers great advice for those just starting to think about disclosing their disability in the workplace.

Lehigh employees and job applicants who wish...

November 03, 2022


Join us for a conversation about Our Future Our Lehigh, the open dialogue on the university’s strategic direction that kicked off during the summer and has been in full swing this fall.  

Our guests are the duo charged with leading the effort: Nathan Urban is Lehigh’s Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs...

October 05, 2022


Genna Albano loves people and she loves fitness. So she loves her job as Assistant Manager of Taylor Gym in Lehigh Athletics.

Genna joined The Spotcast for a conversation last fall during the beginning of the Delta variant spike of the pandemic. The gym had to be closed and the podcast had to be recorded remotely.

A year later, Taylor Gym, like the rest of the university, is open for business. Hear from Genna about the...

June 30, 2022




Ilena Key, Chief Technology Officer, is our guest in this new episode of The Spotcast. Learn how her team tackled the biggest challenge it had ever seen in March 2020, not overnight, but through was years of sound decision-making. You'll also hear about her Lehigh career journey. This episode was recorded in late summer of 2021.

April 01, 2022

What do you do as a new leader of a performing arts organization when your theater has to be closed because of a pandemic? Meet Mark Wilson, Executive Director of Zoellner Arts Center at Lehigh University, in this fascinating interview recorded in the summer of 2021. From his childhood in Iowa to the international opera stage and many twists and turns along the way, Mark takes us on a career and life...

October 25, 2021


Get to know the Director of the Lehigh University Art Galleries. Learn about the crooked path that led William Crow to Lehigh and what happens to an art museum when the world shuts down.

September 17, 2021


Welcome back to The Spotcast! Our second season starts with an interview with Brian Slocum, Manager of the Wilbur Powerhouse and Design Labs, seen on the right in this photo by Stephanie Veto. Learn how Brian and his team pivoted during the pandemic and served thousands of healthcare workers in the community. Plus, find out how a natural disaster has beautified campus buildings.


November 02, 2020

For our final episode of season one, we sat down with Bill Whitney,  Administrative Director of the Office for Creative Inquiry.

Bill shares his unlikely career journey and explains just what Creative Inquiry is all about. We recorded our interview prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

September 17, 2020


Ainsley Lamberton, Administrative Director of the Office of the Vice President and Provost of Research joined us to talk about her career path and the fulfilling service work she performs at Lehigh. She also offers some great advice to Lehigh staff looking to shift their careers at the university.