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Summer Webinars Tackle Health, Long Term Care, Finances and More

Lehigh’s benefits providers offer a range of educational programming for staff and faculty. We’re highlighting three for you to put on your summer calendar.

The Amazing Max Will Make Your Lunch Break Magical

CE@L and Zoellner present a wellness program that will leave you amazed.

March 10 IBH Webinar Focuses on Burnout

Lehigh's Employee Assistance Program, IBH, presents a timely webinar in March.

Volunteers Still Needed for COVID-19 Related Tasks On and Off Campus

Helping out with a few hours of your time can help Lehigh limit the spread of COVID-19 this semester.


Spring Fitness is Virtual and FREE!

A weekly menu of classes, motivational meetups, and a library of recorded classes will keep you moving this spring.


Wellness in the Works: Campus Athletics Winter Wellness Programs

Our colleagues in Campus Athletics are here for you this winter.


Wellness in the Works: New Be Well Year Begins

The new year began for Lehigh’s employee wellness program, Be Well, last month. Visit the Be Well platform or app to complete your Road Map and Assessment to get started. You’ll also find lots of great new challenges to join that will help you stay on track with all of your wellness goals.


Flu Shot Clinic On Campus November 19

Sign Up for a flu shot to protect yourself this winter.

Wellness in the Works: Be Well Year Ends Soon

Earn your points and level up before this year's program ends. Plus, get your flu shots early this year using your Lehigh benefits.

Don't Get Zoomed Out

Respect your colleagues' boundaries and guard yours as well. We have great tips to keep your productivity and positivity up.