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Wellness In The Works: Benefits and Wellness Fair



Wellness In The Works



Wellness In The Works

There are a number of wellness opportunities this fall. For more information, including registration forms, follow the links.


Wellness In The Works: Weight Watchers Is Back

Weight Watchers is back on campus beginning Thursday, January 17. You can register for the 8-week lunchtime session on the HR Training Registration page. The cost is $80, which is less expensive than off-campus meetings. As an added convenience, the fee can be paid through payroll deduction.


Wellness in the Works: HealthSCAN Plus this week!

There's still time to ensure that you level up right away when Be Well resets in October.


Take the Pledge: Go Car Free September 22

Take the pledge to go Car Free!


Wellness in the Works: Stay On Track This Summer

There are great new challenges on Be Well to keep you motivated.

Wellness in the Works: A Major Award!

Lehigh's wellness program gains recognition in the region.

Small Changes, Big Impact: The Sustainable Office Program

Small changes in behavior can add up to a big impact for our planet.

Wellness in the Works: Save the Date and More

The Benefits & Wellness Fair is coming. Plus, think you can't finish a marathon? Think again.