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Inside IBH: Five Facts About Stress

The end of the semester is a busy time for lots of folks on campus. Here are some tips for understanding and managing stress.

Wellness in the Works: Weight Watchers is Back

You asked for it, you got it!


Wellness In the Works: Get The Most from Be Well


Have you visited Be Well lately? Remember, last month our Be Well champions recommended logging in frequently to be sure you get points for your activities.


In fact, you can only go back two weeks to log activity. So don’t put it off – log in today and get credit for your hard work.


2016 BeWell Champions Share Their Secrets

BeWell Champions Tommy and Katie share their top tips for reaching the pinnacle of the program.

Wellness in the Works: Be Well Over The Holidays

Banish stress and stay healthy this holiday season with Be Well!

Wellness in the Works

Be Well is back. Plus, don't throw away your (flu) shot...


Wellness In The Works

When Catherine Headman, Coordinator in the Baker Institute, started running two years ago, she didn’t consider herself an athlete.


Wellness In The Works: Weight Watchers Is Back

Weight Watchers is back on campus beginning Thursday, January 17. You can register for the 8-week lunchtime session on the HR Training Registration page. The cost is $80, which is less expensive than off-campus meetings. As an added convenience, the fee can be paid through payroll deduction.


Wellness In The Works

February is American Heart Month.


Wellness In The Works: Spring HealthSCAN

Our spring HealthSCAN event will take place April 10, 11 and 12 this year. Registration is now open.