Wellness in the Works: Be Well Ends Soon

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Friday, September 17, 2021


It’s that time again - the end of the Be Well program year. The system will shut down on September 21, which means you still have a bit of time to earn more points and level up. Here are a few suggested challenges to tackle before time runs out.


Share your 2021 Dream (50 points)

Share your dream for 2021 with three people to earn points this quarter. Setting big goals and reflecting on our accomplishments plays a huge role in our growth. This becomes even more powerful when we share it with others. It helps you stay accountable, gives you support, and you might find someone with similar goals to move forward with. Take it one step further by asking about their dream, then congratulate and cheer them on! End the year on a high note by taking the time to reflect and share.


24 Hours of Mindfulness (100 points)

This is a team challenge. It’s an ambitious goal in a short amount of time, but if you bring together a group of 12 colleagues, you should be able to reach the goal of 1,440 minutes of mindfulness before September 21.


Funding Your 401k/403b (50 points)

To earn these points, you need to take action to learn more about your retirement savings. Fortunately for you - we make this super easy at Lehigh! You could register for one of our upcoming TIAA live webinars. You could check out the on-demand webinars on the TIAA website. Or you could schedule a one-on-one meeting with a TIAA counselor

These are just three of many challenges that will continue until September 21. So, don’t leave a reward on the table. Earn as many points as you can before the current Be Well year ends.


HealthScan on Hold Due to COVID

As you may recall, we have not held a HealthScan screening event on campus since before the pandemic. Unfortunately, we cannot host HealthScan this fall, either. As we did with last year, all Be Well participants will be awarded the 500 points and ability to move forward with the program. 


Keep an eye out for the launch of the new Be Well program year in October!