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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

When Catherine Headman, Coordinator in the Baker Institute, started running two years ago, she didn’t consider herself an athlete. Even after finishing two half marathons, she still doesn’t.  “If you had told me five years ago that I’d run a half marathon, I would have said you were insane,” Catherine joked recently.Catherine Headman (left) and her daughter Rachel, who inspired her to start running.

That’s why as ERAC’s representative on Lehigh’s Wellness Committee, she is passionate about offering wellness opportunities at Lehigh that are for everyone, not just the dedicated gym-goers.  And she believes the new Wellness Program launching in January will do just that.

“I understand that not everyone has the same expectations as I do when it comes to physical fitness so it was important to me that everyone feels included,” she said. “I wanted to make sure we chose a program that had a holistic view of wellness, including financial wellness for instance.”

Catherine was part of a small group of Lehigh staff and faculty who were invited to review the finalists in Human Resource’s wellness vendor RFP process. The group considered final proposals from several potential vendors. They looked at the programs and services they offered as well as the website employees will use to access them. 

“The biggest obstacle to getting into a wellness routine can sometimes just be getting started, so the website had to be easy to use,” Catherine said. “You don’t want someone to have a moment where they say ‘Oh, this is complicated, I’ll do it later,’” she remarked.

After considerable research, including reference checks with the current clients of each of the finalists, the team selected Aduro Powered By Limeade to be Lehigh’s first-ever Wellness Program provider. Aduro’s wellness program is used by organizations ChipotlePenn Medicine, Ohio State University, and Stanford Hospitals and Clinics.

Catherine says the Aduro platform and system is easy to use and attractive. “I think the program is flexible enough that you can participate at whatever level you’re at,” she said. “And having the system there is motivating. You will be able to sense that you are building up one step at a time.”

Because the system includes mental health, financial well-being, nutrition and exercise, there are many entry points for people to use it and attain higher levels of wellness. For instance, while Catherine may have more internal drive to exercise her body, she admits she can use some help with her “fiscal fitness.”


Shhhh! It’s Still A Secret!

The new Wellness Program is launching in January. That’s when Spotlight will be sharing all of the exciting ways employees can get involved and take advantage of financial incentives as well as other motivating opportunities. Stay tuned!