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Crash Course For Managers: You’re Never Alone

Nonexempt Staff Timekeeping: Why it Matters

Career Enrichment @ Lehigh Helps You Meet Your Goals

A wealth of professional development offerings this spring provide staff and supervisors with many growth opportunities.

New Procedures for Required Background Checks Released

All Lehigh employees who haven't yet done so will be receiving notification to complete background checks required by Pennsylvania law.


Injunction Halts New Overtime Rules

You may have read about a court decision that is impacting the new overtime rules.

A Culture of Communication Begins

A new approach to performance management begins at Lehigh in 2017. Read more about the Draft Book.

Inside IBH: Delivering Praise Without Sucking Up

Do you know where the fine line between flattery and apple-polishing is?

Register Now for Career Power Lunch

The fall schedule is up - sign up today.

September Quick Takes

Our monthly list of three things you should know about is back.

Career Enrichment @ Lehigh Launching

The new program features five curriculum tracks to help you grow professionally.