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Hidden Benefits Gems - PetPlan Insurance

One of Lehigh’s newer voluntary benefits is for the furrier members of our families. 

Did you know that Americans share their homes with about 144 million dogs and cats? That’s a lot of purring and drooly friends, and a lot of veterinarian bills.

Unfortunately, recent studies indicate that a lot of pet owners aren’t taking their animals to the vet.  According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, dog vet visits have dropped 21 percent since 2001 and cat visits are down 30 percent. Not surprisingly, emergency vet visits have increased at the same time.


Benefits 101: Vision Care for Lehigh Employees

Did you know?

The Davis Vision program is part of each medical plan offered by Lehigh. When you elect medical insurance coverage, you are automatically enrolled in Davis Vision as well. This includes any of your family members who are also covered by Lehigh’s medical plan.

Davis Vision has over 23,400 vision care providers and optical supplier locations across the United States. There are over 2,000 providers and suppliers in Pennsylvania, with more than 141 in the Lehigh Valley area.