Employee Relations

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A Network For Building Community

The Faculty and Staff of Color Network is helping to create a more inclusive Lehigh.

It Depends on the Lens: Unraveling Stereotypic Bias in Hiring

Everyone is prone to bias, but we can disrupt the process.

Revised Harassment/Non-Discrimination Policy Approved

Read about Lehigh's revised Policy on Harassment and Non-Discrimination.

The Faculty/Staff Pride Network: Sustaining and Affirming an Inclusive Lehigh

Learn how to get involved with this growing staff and faculty organization.

Lehigh's Adverse Weather Policy

Be ready when the snow falls.

The Lehigh Survey: Make Your Voice Heard

This fall, you'll have a chance to share your thoughts about our campus climate.

Harassment Prevention Training Reminder

Lehigh University is committed to inclusive diversity on our campus and strives to build a more inclusive culture through opportunities for education and dialogue.  We value and celebrate our many differences and the richness added to our lives and community through our diversity.  As such, we confront and reject harassment and discrimination in all forms and take efforts to prevent harassment and discrimination on our campus.

HR By The Numbers: 2015 Exit Interviews

Here's our annual look at what employees leaving Lehigh are saying.

Update on Act 153 Background Checks


During the summer, Pennsylvania legislature made changes to Act 153, the state law mandating criminal background checks for all employees who have contact with minors. The following message was sent to all employees. We're sharing it here in case you missed it.


Generations in the Workplace: The Big Shift

Significant changes are happening in the generational make up of Lehigh's staff and faculty.