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Coffeepot Chatter: Forms, Forms, Forms

Harry:  You seem grumpy today, Tom.
Tom:  I got another coordination of benefits questionnaire from the medical plan yesterday.  It seems like I just did one a couple of weeks ago.
Maria:  Yeah, why do they send those things out so often?
Tom:  This one said it was from Lehigh—something about making sure the right medical plan pays first if anyone in the family’s covered by more than one plan.

Coffeepot Chatter: Two GPS Forms Aren't Better Than One

Maria: Hey Harry, the new employee I met at the Rivalry 150 Tailgate asked me a question today. I don’t know the answer.
Harry: What’s the question?
Maria: She has two GPS forms – a provisional form and an annual form. Does she need to do both?
Harry: I doubt she needs to do both, but she really should call Human Resources.

Coffeepot Chatter: The Ethics and Compliance Hotline

Maria:  Harry, I was at a party during the holidays where a woman was bragging about the great gift she received from one of her company’s vendors – cruise tickets valuing several hundred dollars. How can she accept that?
Harry: Is the question ‘can she’ or ‘should she’?
Maria: Hmm, maybe her company allows that. However, If I were in that situation the first words out of my mouth would be, “I simply can’t accept this.”

Coffeepot Chatter: Workplace Learning Is Back

Maria has a pretty long list of workplace learning programs she wants to attend.

Coffeepot Chatter: New Registration Tool

There's a new way to register for workplace learning programs!

Finding The Summer Wardrobe Sweet Spot

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