Coffeepot Chatter: New Registration Tool

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Monday, March 2, 2015


Maria: I wanted to sign up for Career Power lunch but I forgot to send an email message to HR.

Harry: Before too long that will not be necessary.

Tom: Will HR have a registration system again?

Harry: Yes, and I heard it will have an auto confirmation message.

Maria: Nice. I always wondered if my registration went through. We had to wait for confirmation till a week before the program.

Harry: I believe an email message will still be sent the week before so you know the location, but you’ll have a much earlier confirmation of your registration.

Tom: Sweet!


The Future Is Here

Just over a year ago, we shared that our old HR training registration tool had been taken out of commission.  In the interim, we asked for your patience, and told you that you could register for our programs via email.

While we didn’t realize it would take quite so long to develop a new improved registration tool, we think it was worth the wait. We’re proud to release the all-new HR Workplace Learning Registration Tool. The new tool is an easy to use solution that captures all of your information with just a few quick keystrokes. 


How To Use The New Tool

First bring the form up in your preferred web browser:

Next, fill in your name, extension and email address:

 Now use the pull-down menu to select the course you want to register for and click “Submit:”

Once you hit Submit, you’ll be taken to a confirmation screen:

Finally, you will receive a confirming email from HR listing the details of your registration:

After Registration

About a week before your program, you will receive another email. This email will contain the location of the session and any other important details. For instance, sometimes a workshop will include pre-work or a boxed lunch. 

We hope the new system will make registering for our spring programming even simpler. Please feel free to let us know if you have thoughts about how we could make it better.