Coffeepot Chatter: Two GPS Forms Aren't Better Than One

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Monday, December 1, 2014
Maria: Hey Harry, the new employee I met at the Rivalry 150 Tailgate asked me a question today. I don’t know the answer.
Harry: What’s the question?
Maria: She has two GPS forms – a provisional form and an annual form. Does she need to do both?
Harry: I doubt she needs to do both, but she really should call Human Resources.
Maria: I told her that, but why does HR launch two forms?
Harry: Freedom of choice, Maria - the supervisor’s freedom of choice.
Two GPS Forms: Two Times The Fun?
Our online performance appraisal tool for staff, GPS, has launched the forms you need to complete your appraisal. If you are an employee in the first six months of your job, however, you will actually see two forms in your GPS account. The provisional form is intended to evaluate the first six months of employment. But, if your first six months of employment coincide with the regular GPS season, at the end of the calendar year, you’ll also get an annual GPS form.
The good news for the new employee and the supervisor alike is that you don’t have to do both forms. Linda Lefever from HR says you do need to complete one of them, though, and you need to pick which one. “Employees need to have a conversation with their supervisor to discuss which form to use. Ideally, they should reach a mutual decision. In the end, though, it is the supervisor's choice.”
Which Form Is Best For You?
So, how do you know which form is right for your situation? Here are three factors you should take into consideration in making your choice:
  1. There is no self-appraisal option with the provisional form.
  2. The rating scales are different. Provisional forms have three performance levels, not five.
  3. Goals can be added using the GPS tool regardless of the form, but no goals (other than key accountabilities) will appear in the provisional form.
More Help With GPS
For employees who are going through the GPS process for the first time, or anyone who feels they need a refresher course, the HR Workplace Learning offers training workshops. There are multiple sessions scheduled in January and February, 2015. Check the Workplace Learning calendar on the HR website for more details.
To register for a GPS training workshop, send an email to indicating the date and time of the session.