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Unplug and Refuel: Strategies for the Holiday Closure

Our Coffeepot Chatter crew are back together again and discussing the upcoming Holiday Closure.

Coffeepot Chatter: Practicing Kindness and Respecting Privacy

Our Coffeepot Chatter friends are back for a special COVID-19 work from home edition. 

Coffeepot Chatter: Bullying


Coffeepot Chatter: The New GPS

Harry: Maria, Tom, have you looked at the new GPS tool?

Coffeepot Chatter: The Performance Meeting

Coffepot Chatter: Wrapping Up Your GPS

By Linda Parks

Coffeepot Chatter: Preparing For Any Emergency

Coffeepot Chatter: Don't Stress Out!


Coffeepot Chatter: Be On Defense When It Comes To Offense

Maria is having a conversation with Susan, a colleague from another department.

Coffeepot Chatter: Higher Ed-iquette