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Hidden Benefits Gems - The South Side Mortgage Incentive Program

Robert Keyse hails from the United Kingdom, but he spent five years in the United States before he joined Lehigh as a research scientist. Arriving in Bethlehem, he and his wife knew that they wanted to live near campus on the south side. 


Benefits 101: The Lehigh Retirement Plan Matching Incentive

Since the new Lehigh Retirement Plan launched in January, there has been a greater than 50 percent increase in staff and faculty who are voluntarily contributing to their own retirement savings. That means 64 percent of employees are now receiving a match from Lehigh on at least a portion of those savings. 


Benefits 101: Vision Care for Lehigh Employees

Did you know?

The Davis Vision program is part of each medical plan offered by Lehigh. When you elect medical insurance coverage, you are automatically enrolled in Davis Vision as well. This includes any of your family members who are also covered by Lehigh’s medical plan.

Davis Vision has over 23,400 vision care providers and optical supplier locations across the United States. There are over 2,000 providers and suppliers in Pennsylvania, with more than 141 in the Lehigh Valley area.


Hidden Benefits Gems: Travel Services

These days, most of us serve as our own travel agents when planning a trip. Online resources like TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Hipmunk online can help you find flights, hotels, car rentals, and more.  
This month’s Hidden Benefits Gem might convince you to let someone else handle the details the next time you’re feeling wanderlust.
The Travel Services Benefit

Benefits 101: Get To Know Your LIN

Your LIN (short for Lehigh Identification Number) is a pretty handy piece of information. You may find you need it when accessing certain benefits such as Express Scripts and Davis Vision as well as other circumstances.
Of course no one expects you to remember your LIN off the top of your head. And for your security, we don't give out LINs over the phone. That's why we've made it easy to find in your Banner account. Here's how:
Step One: Go to Inside Lehigh and log into the Portal

Summary Annual Report - Welfare Benefit Plans

This report highlights important information about the Lehigh University welfare benefit plans.


Register Now For Fall Retirement Workshops

This fall's retirement workshops have you covered from start to finish.

LU Childcare Center Celebrates 25 Years

Recently, the staff, parents and children of the Lehigh University Childcare Center gathered to celebrate 25 years of quality childcare on Lehigh's campus.


Meet The Graduates

Learn more about our amazing 2015 Lehigh employee graduates.

Full Time Staff, Part Time Students, Totally Amazing

You probably already know that Lehigh employees are fantastic. But you won't believe what some of your co-workers overcame to achieve their educational goals.