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Monday, June 1, 2015

New Be Well Challenges


Have you visited Be Well: Mind Body Spirit lately? You should. There are a great new group of challenges to sign onto to help push you to your next level.

In addition to new exercise and nutrition challenges, you’ll also find the “100 Days of Happiness” challenge that lets you earn points for reflecting on what’s good in your life. You’ll earn 150 points if you complete this challenge, but there’s an even greater reward. Studies show that people who consciously practice gratitude are more resilient and have lower levels of stress.

Check out all of the new challenges on the Be Well: Mind Body Spirit website.

Financial Wellness


Wellness is about your whole life, so we wanted to spend a bit of our monthly space talking about your financial fitness as well. When you join the continuing “Brown Bag It” challenge on Be Well: Mind Body Spirit, you can earn points for being budget conscious. Another great way to be rewarded for saving is to increase your voluntary retirement savings contribution to maximize the Lehigh match. Currently, if you set aside 4% of your salary in the Lehigh University Retirement Plan, the university will match that at a rate of 50%, so you will receive an additional 2% of your salary in the form of retirement savings on top of what you are already receiving as your base Lehigh contribution.

With the turn of the new fiscal year in July, you may be receiving a salary increase. If you currently make a monthly voluntary retirement savings contribution in the form of a dollar amount and not a percentage, you should review your contribution to ensure you are still setting aside at least 4% of your salary. Don’t lose out on maximizing that match! If you have questions about your Lehigh University Retirement Savings Plan, contact Patti Florkowski via email or at extension 85167. Read more about the university’s retirement plan here.