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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This month we’re taking a look at the rewards for reaching Pre-Flight– the first level of the Be Well: Mind Body Spirit wellness program. Next month we’ll look at the second level – Lift Off! - we’re excited that employees are already starting to “Climb” the chart to the top.

Your First Level: Pre-Flight


When you put your first 1,000 points on the board (which must include completing the Health Risk Assessment, HealthScan Plus blood test, and online scavenger hunt) on Be Well, you earn two rewards. 

Your first reward is a $15 monthly credit in your paycheck. That’s cash money that you can spend however you like. Buy a book you’ll enjoy while walking on a treadmill. Splurge on some new fitness gear. Or use it for something completely unrelated to wellness. It’s yours to do with as you wish.

The other reward is the Welch Fitness Center credit. This reward requires a bit more explanation.

How To Use The Fitness Center Credit

You have two options when you’ve earned the Fitness Center credit. You can:

  • Use it for three personal fitness appointments, including an initial assessment, or
  • Receive a 50 percent discount on a semester of group fitness classes.
  • To take advantage of this great offer, visit the Welch Fitness Center during regular center hours.

Special Note: Now that we’re midway through the semester, the fitness center will be cutting its fitness class subscription fee in half. That means you’ll pay even less for the remainder of the semester’s classes. The cost of personal fitness appointments will not change.

For more information about the center, including a class schedule, visit the Welch Fitness Center website.


A Word About The Be Well Schedule

The first Be Well period is our pilot period that will last seven months, ending August 15.  If you’ve earned it, you will get your $15 wellness credit through the end of August.  

We’ll be re-launching Be Well for its first full year September 14. At that time, you’ll have the opportunity to start earning your points again and get more great rewards.

But it’s not too late to join the fun now. Just go http://www.Lehigh.edu/wellness and enroll using your email address and Lehigh ID Number (LIN). Join the fun and Be Well!