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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Human Resources has been publishing Spotlight about eleven times per year since the 1980s. With all of the other changes we’ve made in how we communicate with staff and faculty over the years – from going online to launching the Work/Life Lehigh on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram – we thought it was time to update our approach to our e-newsletter.


The Spot will be a shorter, more frequent publication.  And we’ll be introducing new features throughout the fall.


But don’t worry: We’ll continue to be your source for the news you need about your benefits, wellness, career enrichment, and performance management. And we’ll still bring you great stories about your colleagues.


You can also still find popular items like Anniversaries and New Hires/Transfers as well. Just click on the big brown “The Spot” banner at the top of the email you receive.


We hope you enjoy this new format. As always, feel free to drop us a line at hik210@lehigh.edu.


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Hillary Glatt Kwiatek
Editor, The Spot