Quick Takes: Three Things You Should Know About This Month

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Friday, August 16, 2013
  1. Tuition Cash Grant Reminder

    If you have a child benefiting from Lehigh’s Tuition Cash Grant, we have an important reminder for you:

    Lehigh doesn’t reimburse tuition bills after the fact. If you want to take advantage of this benefit, you must submit a Tuition Cash Grant form and your child’s tuition bill to Human Resources at least two weeks before the bill’s due date. 

    If you have any questions regarding the Tuition Cash Grant benefit, please contact Alice Sikorski at extension 82789 orBetty Konczyk at extension 82952.

  2. Be The Office Know-It-All: Use The Online Administrative Staff Manual

    Do you pride yourself on being the go-to person when someone needs information? Then you’re the type who’ll want to keep the online Administrative Staff Reference Manual among your top bookmarks.

    The manual features links to just about everything you need to run your office smoothly. Whether you need to reserve a meeting room, get a parking pass for a visitor, or master the OneCard, you can find the information on the website.

    You don’t have to be an administrative staff member to access the website, either. Anyone who needs to get things done on campus will want to keep this link handy. 


  3. SOAR Taking Flight This Fall

    A new kind of mentoring program pairing seasoned Lehigh administrative professionals with new hires is taking shape this fall.  

    Successful Ongoing Administrative Relationships, or SOAR, will bring together experienced “captains” with their “co-pilots” in a relationship that is intended to improve the onboarding process for Lehigh’s administrative staff.

    The “who to go to for what” aspect of settling in to a new job at a place as large as Lehigh can have an extensive learning curve. SOAR will help shorten that process and offer new administrative staff a mechanism to begin building their internal network.

    A guidance group composed of Margie BarryLori ClaudioAmy GrimAnne Noon-ScaggsCindy MoserDebra Rubart, and Judy Zavalydriga is helping shepherd SOAR to take off in October. Look for more information as the fall progresses.