Quick Takes: Three Things You Should Know About This Month

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1.    Vacation Accrual: Leave No Leave Behind!

The end of the fiscal year is 90 days away. This is the perfect time to review your current vacation balance and make sure you are on track to avoid losing unused leave.

Remember, you may carry forward the equivalent of a year’s worth of leave into the next fiscal year. As we’ve discussed in the past, this amount can vary. Read this Spotlight articlefor more information about how your carry forward total is calculated.

Also keep in mind that floating holidays cannot be carried forward into the next fiscal year. If you haven’t yet used your floating holidays, it’s a good idea to schedule them soon.

    Spring Tradition of Excellence Award Nomination Period Underway

Do you know an individual or team who demonstrates outstanding behaviors or produces exceptional results, either within a single department or across the university?  Recognizing someone awesome is always in season. Tradition of Excellence Award (TEA) nominations are now open for spring.  

If you’re wondering what sort of actions rise to the level of “TEA-worthy,” you can read all about the criteria and learn how to nominate someone on the HR website.  

Already have someone in mind? Click here to nominate a deserving employee. The deadline for nominations is Monday, April, 15, 2013.   

    Get To Know The My TIAA-CREF Website

TIAA-CREF recently updated its web-based services for participants. If you have an online account with the company, you’ll see this page when you log in:



If you have multiple accounts with TIAA-CREF, you’ll see summaries of each contract. Each of these can be further expanded for your review.  You can change the allocations in your accounts from here as well. On the right, you’ll see a list of options to manage your account as well as a list of recommended resources. 

Visit TIAA-CREF’s website to log in and learn more, or to set up your online account.