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Tuesday, June 21, 2016


By Bob Bruneio

Now that the academic year has ended, and the switch to summer has begun, ERAC is continuing with a new transition, as well.   ERAC has had another incredibly busy year, with new projects and events, a new website, and new partnerships on and off campus.  Our team of staff members care deeply about Lehigh and are eager to advocate on behalf of the amazing people who make Lehigh the wonderful place that it is, 

As ERAC’s role on campus continues to evolve and responsibilities increase, we again welcome eight new members next year, representing both non-exempt and exempt staff. As our past chair Carla Kologie posted last year; “it’s impossible to look forward without acknowledging those who have paved the way for our new members”.  We thank Carla Kologie, Katie Welsh Radande, Travis Spencer, Lynn Takas, Dan Zeroka and Randy Shebby for their generous, selfless commitment to ERAC. Each brought a different perspective to the group, and while their contributions will endure, their presence will be missed.

It has been a very productive year and I am extremely proud to be a part of this wonderful team. I would also acknowledge the many projects and events that were completed in this past year:

  • We continued with our Knowledge at Noon series which continues to be very popular.
  • Our REACH program was attended by a record number of staff members who met once a month to network and visit several campus areas which included lunch with President Simon at his residence.
  • CPR/First Aid classes remain strong. To date, over 300 Faculty and Staff have been trained.
  • ERAC events sponsored Lehigh University night at the Phantoms Hockey Arena and Iron Pigs Baseball Stadium.
  • ERAC participated in the World Café meetings with the Provost Pat Farrell.
  • This year we participated in our second annual “Back Pack Pals” community event to provide assistance to Broughal Middle School and Donegan Elementary School children. Our team collected items to fill over 80 back packs for the children.
  • To celebrate Lehigh’s 150th, our Events Committee developed the “Staff Matters Because” project which launched in April. Some of the responses received include;

“Lehigh couldn’t work without them!”

“Knowledgeable and helpful people make the university run smoothly.”

“A friendly face can make your day!”

“We all create the community that is Lehigh University.”

“They are the foundation of the institution. They not only support the faculty AND students, but they also hold both institutional and community knowledge.

“Staff help promote a great environment to work in.”

  • ERAC membership continues to sit on several committees which include the CEC, Parking Appeals and New Employee Orientation.

As Lehigh transitions its new leadership and wraps up a wonderful celebration of its first 150 years, I will move from my role as chair to that of an ex-officio member. I want to thank Senior Leadership, Human Resources and especially the Lehigh community for dedication and support. I want to also thank my fellow ERAC members for sharing our vision in which, above all, “Staff Matters”.