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Monday, March 2, 2015


You can always tell it’s awards season at Lehigh when the flurry of emails requesting nominations is matched by the snow flurries.  Who knew we’d get to March with both this year?

ERAC's Distinguished Service Award: Nominate A Colleague 

For the first time in its history, ERAC’s Distinguished Service Award will be presented to one nonexempt and one exempt staff member.  Based on feedback received from focus groups in the spring, ERAC is responding to staff members’ desire for more recognition and for an acknowledgement that both staff levels are equally important in their contributions to Lehigh’s success.

ERAC invites you to take a few minutes to complete the nomination form to recognize someone who contributes to Lehigh's success by improving the work environment, demonstrating extraordinary leadership, promoting Lehigh's Core Values and/or creating a positive impression of Lehigh in the community.

Last year’s recipient, Grant Hittinger, senior computing consultant, LTS Client Services, was shocked to receive the award.  “I knew of the award but nothing about it in particular,” he said.  “The title alone speaks volumes, and I was flattered to know I had made an impact on someone, somewhere.”

Hittinger, whose 15 years at Lehigh involves working with more than 30 campus departments, believes Lehigh is a great place to work because of the people.  

“I know it sounds cliché, but for me, it truly is that the people I work with at Lehigh are like family,” he said.  “Lehigh employees are friendly and generous with their time, efforts and support.  What I appreciate most is that there are so many employees who display a willingness to treat everyone as equal.”

Lee Graham, manager, Biological Sciences, received the award in 2013 and said it highlights the different roles staff members play on campus.  “In many positions, your work may not really be known outside the particular circle that you work within,” he said. “The award lets the broader community know what someone does and that they should be recognized.”

While it’s nice to be appreciated, Graham said receiving the Distinguished Service Award has also made him more aware of employees who go beyond what’s expected.

“Great Lehigh staff members see each other as part of the same team and want to contribute,” he said, “even if it’s beyond their typical responsibilities.”

To nominate an exemplary staff member, click the link below to visit ERAC's newly launched website and then click the "ERAC Nominations" link.  While you're there, be sure to take some time to explore the new site.

Nominations for the ERAC Distinguished Service Awards will be accepted until Friday, March 27, 2015, and you may nominate more than one individual.  The winners will be notified in advance and will receive the award at the May 5, 2015, Lehigh Appreciation Dinner.

Speaking of the Lehigh Appreciation Dinner, that’s where the newest members of ERAC will be introduced, as well.
Ideal ERAC candidates are engaged employees who are interested in advocating for staff across campus and contributing to the campus community in a thoughtful, creative and positive way.  Voting for the nominated representatives will occur in early April by electronic ballot. 

Your involvement at all levels is crucial to our success because for ERAC, Staff Matters.


Upcoming Events

March:              Distinguished Service Award nominations collected

March 18:         ERAC & Zoellner – Peter and the Starcatcher

March 25:         Knowledge @ Noon – UC 303 
                          Williams Hall & other campus updates
                          Speaker: Julia Parker

March 29:          ERAC & Zoellner – Curtis Stigers

April:                 ERAC member elections

April 11:             Phantoms game

June 20:              Iron Pigs game

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