Lehigh Launches Staff Fully Remote Workplace Policy

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Monday, June 27, 2022

As announced via email on April 21, 2022, the Fully Remote Work Policy for Staff establishes a formal structure for full-time work from home. It is only available when it is determined, through a formal process, that remote work supports a strategic objective of the University. In addition, eligibility is in part subject to an individual's location. It is not anticipated that most employees will be eligible for full-time remote work arrangements. 

In contrast, Lehigh’s Classified Staff Flexible Workplace Policy (also known as Flexplace) is intended to provide employees with work/life balance options through a hybrid home/on-campus workplace arrangement. While not all positions at the university are suited for such an arrangement, in general, this opportunity is available to a large percentage of staff members. For more information regarding flexplace, please visit the Flexplace Policy section of the website.

Supervisors, please note: Because eligibility for fully remote work is in part dependent on the location of the specific individual, a job opening cannot be advertised as a "remote position." Instead, supervisors should indicate that a position "may be eligible" for a fully remote work agreement. Such a designation will need to be approved by a supervisor's senior leader (VP) as well as the Vice President of Finance and Administration and the Provost prior to including it on a job posting.

For more information, including important resources and the Fully Remote Agreement Form, visit the HR website.