June Quick Takes

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016



1.     Helping New Employees Succeed


When you start a job with a new employer, there’s always a learning curve. In Human Resources lingo, the process of acclimating a new worker to their job and the workplace is called “Onboarding.”

At Lehigh, new employees need tools to help them learn the culture, policies and practices of the university. That’s why the Lehigh Employment team has developed a new section of the HR website dedicated to the first days, weeks and months of an employee’s time here.

The new onboarding pages cover everything from the types of identification you need on your first day to how to grow your internal professional network. The information is really useful to everyone whether or not they’re new to the Lehigh community.

Visit the new onboarding webpages here.


2.     Important Fiscal Year End 2015-16 Info from Controller & Purchasing Offices

The Fiscal Year-End 2015-16 Close Calendar includes important deadlines for June and July 2016. Go to the Controller’s Office website and check the NEW Items section for full information.

Key upcoming dates include:

Wednesday June 22: Last day to make FY 15-16 OneCard purchases to allow time for them to post by the June 24 cutoff. To make FY 15-16 Lab Stores purchases to allow time for them to post by the June 24 cutoff.

Saturday June 25: Last day to charge the current fiscal year with Bookstore department charge cards.


3.     University Reviewing and Preparing For New Federal Overtime Rules

You may be hearing about new Department of Labor rules governing overtime pay for employees. The following video explains why and how the rules will be changing.

At Lehigh, this new rule will impact some, but not all, employees. The HR team and university senior leadership are reviewing the information and are working to implement the new rules by the December 1 deadline. If you will be impacted by the new rules, you will be receiving individual communication in advance of that date. Here’s a video from the Department of Labor that explains the new rule: