How Our Be Well Champions Did It

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Monday, February 2, 2015


Picking Challenges


John gets his steps in on the weekends by hiking the region's trails.

John: Any time a challenge comes up, he tries to do it. Even if he doesn’t finish it all the way, he earns points for what he accomplishes along the way. He tried journaling for the first time because of a Be Well challenge.

Ashley: She gets regular weekly credit for things she was already doing, like going to the gym, and she signs up for big points challenges. For example, she attended a TIAA-CREF retirement planning workshop.

Making Be Well Part of the Work Week



Ashley:  “It’s become a part of my morning routine. I get my coffee, log on to Be Well and update a few things, and then I move into checking my email. It’s fun to do that. It’s a nice little distraction in the morning.”

John:  “We have a lot of people in the office participating so we try to do some of the group challenges.”

What They Did With Their Rewards

In addition to the rewards they earned at each level, John and Ashley were our grand prize winners. Their names were drawn from the 15 Soar Club members to receive an additional special reward.

John: He’s become an avid cyclist and recently completed an eight-day ride from Buffalo to Albany, New York, along the Erie Canal. He used his Amazon gift card rewards to buy new gear for the trip. He chose a spa day for his Soar Club reward and looks forward to using it soon.

Ashley: She has been focusing on her nutrition more and used some of her rewards to buy protein powder. She chose the Fruit of the Month Club for her Soar Club reward and loves it. “It’s the gift that keeps giving,” she said.

Seeing The Results


Ashley: Ashley has maintained a weight loss of about 20 pounds since beginning her commitment to wellness.  And she’s learned a lot about herself. “I’ve learned that when I eat poorly, I feel poorly. It’s been a really cool journey.”

John: John has used Be Well to keep on track and continue his healthy path. He works out at Taylor Gym during the week and hikes and bikes on the weekends. He also makes a greater effort to cook more healthful meals at home.