Hidden Benefits Gems: Travel Services

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Monday, December 1, 2014
These days, most of us serve as our own travel agents when planning a trip. Online resources like TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Hipmunk online can help you find flights, hotels, car rentals, and more.  
This month’s Hidden Benefits Gem might convince you to let someone else handle the details the next time you’re feeling wanderlust.
The Travel Services Benefit
As an employee at Lehigh, you can book personal travel through the university’s travel management provider.  That means you can use the Concur online site for booking, or you can speak directly with a travel agent to plan your itinerary.
You should know that there are fees involved in booking for personal travel. When you book online using the Concur system, the fees are lower than booking directly with an agent.
Those fees, however, give you access to the professional guidance of experienced travel agents. They also provide the comfort and security of having someone to call if something comes up and you need to make changes while traveling.
Travel Time – Lehigh’s New Travel Services Provider
Recently, Lehigh made the decision to switch from Travel Leaders’ national corporate services to Travel Time, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based franchise of Travel Leaders. As of December 22, Travel Time will be Lehigh’s new travel services provider. 
The good news about this change is that very little will actually change. Because Travel Time is part of the Travel Leaders family of franchises, you will still use the Concur online reservation system. There will be a new link to Concur, which Brenda Bachman in Business Services will share when it becomes available.
One good change is that Lehigh will have new, more local contacts for all travel planning. Brenda believes this is going to improve service. “It will ensure a higher level of support,” she noted.
One final heads up: In order to complete the transition, the Concur site will be unavailable from December 18 through 21, 2014.