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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Anything like this ever happen to you?

  • You have been in a new role at work and want to make sure your first appraisal goes well. You have been informally asking your manager for feedback. However, all she says is, “You’re doing well.” 
  • Your direct report is a great tactical executor but not a good strategic thinker. He desperately wants a promotion for which you don’t think he is qualified. 
  • A direct report delivers most projects a few days late. 
  • You need a report from someone in another division in order to complete your own project. He hasn’t gotten it to you, despite promising that he would. 
  • Your supervisor is AWOL. She has been canceling meetings, missing your one-on-one meetings, failing to dial in for conference calls, etc. You need her leadership on an important project. 
  • Your boss keeps adding new requirements to an important project but doesn't give your team more time or resources.

All of these scenarios are examples where someone else’s behavior isn’t matching up with what you need or expect from them.  When others let us down, break rules, or demonstrate bad behavior, what we say and do can mean the difference between solving the problem and letting it fester.

Many times, we’re afraid to face someone and explain the gap between what we expected and what we got. We might not feel we have the skills we need. Or we might be afraid our emotions will overtake our ability to articulate our message.


Crucial Accountability Coming in May
Fear not! There are skills you can learn and practice to hold people accountable no matter the circumstance or your position. Crucial Accountability is a program from VitalSmarts, the same group of researchers and educators who created Crucial Conversations. 

Judy Zavalydriga, Lehigh HR’s Director of Employee Relations and Workplace Learning, is a certified instructor who will lead our next Crucial Accountability. 

The next session runs on May 12 and 19 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.  To complete the training, you will need to attend both sessions.

Learn More And Register Today



  • If you have taken Crucial Conversations, you are eligible to register for Crucial Accountability. 
  • To register, go to the HR Workplace Learning Registration Tool.
  • Learn what to expect at a Crucial Accountability training with this video from VitalSmarts.