CA$H for Colleagues - Get Rewarded for Recruiting New Employees

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Thursday, June 30, 2022


We’re excited to introduce Cash for Colleagues - a new employee referral program for classified staff at Lehigh. 

It’s simple: If you are a classified staff member, you can refer friends, family and former colleagues to Lehigh to apply for jobs. Make sure they enter your name on their application form (there’s a space for it) and if they’re hired, you’ll earn a $500 thank you for helping the university find great new employees.

In general, a classified staff member (exempt or nonexempt) can refer anyone for any classified staff position and receive the referral bonus if they are hired. However, there are some exceptions. 

You are not eligible to receive the referral bonus if:

  • You would have supervisory or management authority over the person or the position for which they were hired
  • You are part of the search committee or interview process that hired this person
  • You are a member of the HR recruitment team
  • You occupy a position at the level of an Assistant Vice President or higher at Lehigh
A Few Important Reminders
  • When you refer someone, be sure they include your name on their application. No referral reward will be given if the referring staff member’s name is not on the job application. 
  • Because each position that a person applies to requires a unique application, if your referral is applying for more than one Lehigh position, they should include your name on all of the applications they submit.
  • If your referral is hired, you’ll receive a link to a Docusign form to certify that you are eligible to receive the $500 reward. Be sure to complete the form as soon as possible to ensure the process moves smoothly. 
  • This program is for classified staff positions only. It does not include referrals for faculty positions, wage employees, student employment, internships, graduate assistantships, adjunct appointments, or research scientist positions.

For more information about the Cash for Colleagues program, including FAQ and resources to share with potential candidates, visit the HR website.