New Hires and Transfers

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Welcome and best wishes to our new and transferring employees from May through September. Names are listed alphabetically by first name.

If you're a new or transferring employee and want to be included in the next issue of The Spot, please respond to the question in your Onboarding portal on Page Up.

Abby Hill


Alexandra Smith

Associate Director 

Anna Bateman

Assistant Director 

Annamaria Gaudio

Accounting Coordinator 

Ashleigh Robinson

Development Associate 

Braeden Barnett

Assistant Director: Residence Life 

Brooke Novotnak

Assistant Director 

Caity Stonaker


Charlene Colon

Information Specialist 

Charles Kolb

Bus Driver 

Chiquita Griffin

Director, Prof/Int Engagement 

Christina Panko Graff

Laboratory Manager 

Cindy Hart

Project Manager 

Clark Boinis

Assistant Director 

Cory Harka


Daniele Holland


Deena Cox


Devore McIntosh

Assistant Dean/Director 

Edriana Symia

Equal Opportunity Compliance Investigator / Deputy Title IX Coordinator 

Eduardo Rodriguez

Administrative Manager 

Elijah Miller

Commercial Leasing Manager 

Emily Spangler

Assistant Coach, Field Hockey

Evan Lempke

Administrative Coordinator  

Haley Taylor

Assistant Director, Sports Medicine 

Helen Rivera


James Daniels

Assistant Coach, Football 

Jenny Yusella

Executive Secretary 

Jerilynne Stewart

Academic Coordinator 

Joe Corall

Senior Web Developer 

John Leiner

Associate Director, International Development 

Jordan Fredo

Development Associate 

Jordan Wood

Assistant Coach/Sports Performance Assistant

Kai Mangino

Psychology Doctoral Intern 

Kathleen Reiser

Financial Aid Coordinator 

Kelly Decker

Security Coordinator 

Kelly Gerhart

Contract and Grant Specialist 

Kelsey Kichline

Assistant Director 

Lauren Falgout

Staff Psychologist 

Linnan Tartaglia

International Student Advisor 

Lisa Basara

Business Manager 

Lisa Doyle


Luke Edmondson

Assistant Director Sports Medicine 

Marissa Oertner

Board Certified Behavior Analyst 

Marissa Winter

Assistant Director, MBA Programs 

Matthew Licciardi

Assistant Coach, Men's Lacrosse 

McKenna Myers

Assistant Director, Community Service 

Michael Dills-Allen

University Registrar 

Michael Sauter

Contract and Grant Specialist