New Hires and Transfers

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Welcome and best wishes to our new and transferring employees from October 2023 through January 2024. Names are listed alphabetically by first name.

If you're a new or transferring employee and want to be included in the next issue of The Spot, please respond to the question in your Onboarding portal on Page Up.

Anne Cox Lending Services Assistant 
Alexandra Blythe Coordinator 
Alisha Desai Contract and Grant Specialist 
Alyson Palanzo Coordinator
Bradley Doll Senior Systems Engineer 
Brandon Maximowicz Tax Analyst 
Caitlin James Regional Assistant Director 
Carissa Iacona Assistant Director 
Carla Kologie Executive Secretary
Ciarra Billiard Office Assistant 
Cindy Nguyen Human Resources Assistant 
Elena Kays Director, Online Educational Programs
Emily Diaz-Kempf Coordinator
Geraldine Martinez Admissions Counselor
Hailey Foster Coordinator
Hayley Frerichs Marketing and Digital Content Specialist 
Jennifer Camella Curriculum Administrative Specialist 
Kathryn Hayzer Administrative and Production Coordinator 
Katie Guynn Associate Director, Employer Engagement 
Lauren Reduzzi Academic Advisor
Lindsay Johnson Associate Director of Admissions
Marek Pasterczyk Senior Systems Engineer 
Marion Emerson Contract and Grant Coordinator